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Empower Your Financial Future

Our coaching starts with, and focuses on, your dreams and goals, and we will give you the knowledge, tools, clarity, and motivation you need to get where you want to go!

Create A Budget

Eliminate Debt

Build Wealth

Are You Struggling With:

  • Living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Wondering where all your money is going?
  • Having hope for the life you want to live?
  • Using credit cards to keep up with expenses?
  • The stress of digging out of debt?

We Can Help.


We believe in a coaching approach to financial freedom because you have to be in the game, making decisions, and building the habits that lead to your freedom. We are here to equip you and help you get there.


Every coach on our team has the same goal: to help you create a strategy that will eliminate your debt, increase savings, and build wealth on your time line and according to your families dreams and goals.


Every single one of our coaches has been, and is being coached. This isn't just a job to's our ministry. Your financial freedom is the foundation for peace, and of you living the life you were meant to, and want to, live.

Meet Our Team

Our team at Cross Shield Financial is made up of knowledgeable, talented, and dedicated coaches who will help you achieve financial freedom and peace!

Rudy Upshaw

Founder & CEO

Amanda Hershberger

Senior Financial Coach

Nick Bowater

Financial Coach

Daniel Cassel

Financial Coach


Design and Creative Expert

Stephanie Volkmer

Operations Manager

Alcyone King

Administrative Expert


Brand Manager

Our Coaching Process:

1. Free Consultation

We want to make sure we have the right coach for you! That's why you'll start with a risk free consultation to learn more about where you're at, and where you want to go.

2. Goal Development

We will invest time to discover, and rediscover your dreams and goals in life, which will give you, and us, a stron "why" for your coaching journey!

3. Strategy Creation

After your goals and dreams are clear, creating a strategy will ensure we take the right steps to get you to your definition of financial freedom!

4. Executing Strategy

This is where we dig our heels in the ground, put our hands to the plow, and become partners for you achieving financial freedom and peace!

5. Financial Freedom

Finally, you get to enjoy the fruit of your work! Your budget is now working, you're building wealth, and you're excited about dreaming even bigger!
Transform Your Financial Future

Are You Ready to Conquer Your Financial Goals?

Imagine breaking free from the shackles of debt, navigating the complexities of financial planning with ease, and building a wealth that not only secures your future but also empowers you to live generously. At Cross Shield Financial, we understand the daunting challenge of achieving financial freedom amidst overwhelming debt and fear. This isn't just about managing money; it's about unlocking the life you deserve.

A Personalized Blueprint for Success

Your financial aspirations are unique, and so is our approach. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we craft a personalized plan tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Through comprehensive budgeting, strategic debt elimination, and savvy wealth-building, we pave the way for you to reclaim your financial power. Imagine a future where you're not just free from debt but thriving, living a life marked by peace, generosity, and fulfillment. That's the promise of partnering with Cross Shield Financial.

A Legacy of Wealth and Confidence

With Cross Shield Financial, financial coaching goes beyond mere numbers. It's about crafting a legacy of abundance, influence, and joy. It's time to turn your dreams into reality. Let us be your guide to a future where financial stress is replaced with empowerment and where your financial goals are not just met, but exceeded. Welcome to Cross Shield Financial, where your journey to financial success begins.

Our Clients Are Powerful

My husband and I have just finished up our first six months of personal financial coaching and I must say that it has been worth every penny invested. Rudy is such a kind, intentional and respectful coach who isn’t afraid to speak the hard truth with love and grace. Coaching with Cross Shield Strategies has helped us improve our financial future and most definitely our marriage. We are reinvesting for another six months of coaching and couldn’t be more excited.

Amanda O'Donnell

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