My Story

Greetings, I'm Stephanie Volkmer, a proud Midwesterner with a knack for solving problems and making things more efficient. Growing up in Nebraska gave me a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures and little details.

Currently, I'm rocking it as the Operations Manager at Cross Shield. It's the perfect gig for me, blending my love for detail with my passion for helping others succeed.

I'm all about finding solutions and making processes smoother. With my Associate Arts degree in English and humanities, I'm a lifelong learner and community enthusiast. I truly believe that even the smallest efforts can create big waves of change.

When I'm not diving into deep conversations or optimizing operations, you can catch me lost in a good book, enjoying a classic movie, or capturing moments behind the lens.

Living in Oklahoma now, I love exploring bookstores, getting lost in plant shops, or simply chilling at a local coffee joint.

My journey is all about patience, persistence, and pursuing what sets my soul on fire. I'm a firm believer in the power of small actions leading to big results, and I'm here to inspire others to chase their dreams with unwavering dedication. As Elisabeth Elliot said, "Faithfulness today is the best preparation for the demands of tomorrow," and that's the mantra I live by every day.

With kindness,
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