My Story

Hello, I'm Skye Scott. As a dynamic brand manager at Cross Shield Financial, I thrive on crafting and implementing brands, developing policies, and navigating the digital marketing landscape. With a knack for nurturing startups, I bring a mix of creativity and strategic vision to my role, helping businesses flourish in competitive arenas.

Beyond the boardroom, my mission extends to empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Guiding people to excel in various aspects of their lives brings me immense fulfillment, fostering growth and success along the way.

Outside of work, you'll find me indulging in yoga for balance and soaking up nature's beauty with my daughter. Music is my passion—I love playing the piano and singing, connecting with others on a deeper level through creativity.

My journey began in a small Oklahoma town, where I honed my musical talents leading worship. This early experience shaped my leadership skills and deepened my faith, guiding me through my educational journey at Oral Roberts University and Tulsa Community College.

Now, armed with knowledge and an unyielding drive for success, I'm dedicated to shaping brands and making a positive impact in every endeavor. With expertise, passion, and a heart for helping others, I'm committed to inspiring those around me to reach new heights of achievement and fulfillment.

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