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Meet Jill Kingsley! Jill is a compassionate financial coach who understands the struggles of overcoming life's challenges. Despite being taught money management by her parents, Jill learned some of her most valuable lessons through the School of Hard Knocks. In 2006, she bought a house beyond her budget on an ARM and faced foreclosure even before the 2008 crash, leaving her with nothing. Frustration led her to turn her back on faith.

Her journey took a challenging turn with a marriage that ended in a difficult divorce, leaving her broke and lost. It wasn't until the birth of her oldest son that Jill felt a divine awakening. Financial Peace University transformed her life, prompting her to teach others, becoming a financial cheerleader even before the coaching system was established.

Facing setbacks, including job loss and a return to debt, Jill met her current husband. Together, they emerged from the financial aftermath of their previous divorces, now progressing to Baby Steps 6/7. Jill believes in the power of God's unexpected moves, even when one feels unprepared.

With over 20 years in sales and consulting, including a stint at Google, Jill pivoted to coaching personal finances. Her excitement comes from helping others achieve in-home financial peace, acting as a supportive cheerleader throughout their journey. She understands the fear and lack of experience that can hinder financial progress and is here to empower others with the necessary tools.

Jill's unique background with Google and YouTube provides insights into the tactics of the world's top advertisers. With over 30 certifications, she stays updated on the latest marketing methods, helping you build a shield against financial warfare. As a certified Ramsey Preferred Coach, Jill holds the Financial Coach Master Training certification from Ramsey Solutions.

Originally from Holland, Michigan, Jill moved to Arizona in 2003, where she's actively involved in her community, leading Financial Peace University, organizing Pokémon Go groups, and hosting neighborhood BBQs. She attends One Life Church in Mesa, AZ, actively contributing to various community service initiatives.

When not serving others, Jill focuses on homeschooling her three boys, tending to her garden, and nurturing her terrariums. With a heart full of compassion and a wealth of experience, Jill Kingsley is ready to be your financial cheerleader, guiding you towards your goals with courage and inspiration.

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