Group Financial Coaching...
A great solution to help you take back control of your money!

Cross Shield Financial's Group Financial Coaching offers a collaborative and convenient avenue for reclaiming control over your finances and achieving your monetary goals! Participants enjoy the benefits of Cross Shield's expert guidance within a virtual, supportive community, gaining shared insights and diverse financial perspectives. Here, you'll discover the art of wealth-building using your most vital tool—your income!

Our Group Coaching dives into essential areas, including crafting a healthy budget, tailoring the perfect emergency fund, swiftly eliminating debt, exploring investment strategies, navigating real estate, and tackling family financial dynamics.

This collaborative approach not only fosters accountability but also nurtures a sense of camaraderie. Plus, it frequently proves to be a more economical alternative compared to individual coaching.

Ready to dive in? Register below for the Group Financial Coaching Class that aligns with your preferences. Once registered, you'll be seamlessly directed to a payment link specific to your chosen class.

Your investment in yourself and your family's future is as straightforward as three (3) monthly automatic payments of $99 for your designated group coaching class. And here's the beauty of it—only one person in the household needs to register.

The class convenes once, every other week 6 times, virtually via Zoom. With day and evening options, there's a class to suit every schedule. Further details and sign-up links await you below. Let the financial empowerment journey begin!
Learn more how Group Financial Coaching can be the difference in your journey to financial freedom!
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