My Story

Hello, I'm Amanda Hershberger, the Senior Business and Financial Coach at Cross Shield Strategies. Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to guiding businesses in reaching their financial aspirations.

I'm proud to be a certified financial coach, having earned my Financial Coach Master Training credentials through Ramsey Solutions. My journey in the accounting industry began in my teens, and over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients. From ambitious start-ups to well-established businesses, I've seen them all. What brings me joy is crafting strategies that create lasting change, enabling my clients to win with money and achieve their financial dreams.

I was raised in Texas, but Oklahoma has become my cherished home. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Management at Ashford University and have since been an active member of the Owasso and Tulsa communities. My heart lies in community service, and I'm actively involved in various organizations that make a difference.

When I'm not immersed in helping my clients, I treasure the moments spent with my husband Matt and our two beautiful children. We love exploring the great outdoors, whether it's hiking the trails or camping under the stars.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in reaching your financial goals. Together, we can create a path to success.

Best Regards,

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